Social Media for the #140conf

In 2009, Jeff Keni Pulver began curating the #140conf, conferences which took place across the United States and around the world. The name #140conf came from the 140 characters used by Twitter and the conferences were used as a platform to explore the effect of real-time web on business and personal lives. The conferences offer people an opportunity to meet and connect with people from different backgrounds and experiences. (source Debra Eckerling) This November the #140conf will be in Los Angeles and will offer a large panel of speakers from across the Unites States, Canada and Israel. I created was responsible for creating social media banners and other supporting collateral. 
#140conf Eventbrite Banner 
#140conf Facebook Banner and proposed banners
#140conf Speaker Badges and proposed badges
#140conf Theater Advertisement
#140conf E-Flyer
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